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Insulite Laboratories Logo
Dear Health Practitioner,
Insulite Laboratories is committed to helping people with type 2 diabetes improve the quality of their health and lives.
The Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System has been developed to provide your patients with support for improving their health through changes in nutrition and exercise.  All of the components of our System have been designed to work in conjunction with your medical care.
As you review this site, you may notice that we have taken complex information and presented it in simple, easy-to-understand terms to help individuals get a firm grasp of how insulin resistance (IR) affects their condition. In order to do that, we have taken some liberties with the metaphors we use.  We hope you will understand. We are sincerely committed to helping those with IR diseases take charge of their lives and adopt the necessary steps to effectively manage their disorder.
The Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System
The 5 Elements of the Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management SystemThe Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management health protocol is a comprehensive, weekly lifestyle support system designed to aid persons with type 2 diabetes in improving their health and well being. This balanced approach combines weekly nutritional guidance, exercise plans, specifically formulated nutritional support, knowledge and strategies to neutralize food cravings, and information to transform negative behavioral patterns into positive ones.
Our Objective
Our primary objective is to help those with type 2 diabetes live longer and healthier lives. We do this by helping them take responsibility for their health and by understanding how to increase insulin sensitivity by following sensible and effective exercise, diet and nutritional plans. We also support these individuals by helping them understand the power of food cravings and how to avoid them, the importance of maintaining healthy weight levels and by providing them with weekly health protocols with coaching.
As diet, exercise, and nutritional support have been shown to have effects on insulin and glucose levels, we remind our clients to carefully monitor their condition, and to stay in contact with their primary health practitioner for updated evaluations.
Insulite System Overview
Nutrition Plan: The diet and exercise recommendations comprise an important part of the Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System.  We advocate a gradual shift to a diet  that is low in refined carbohydrates, emphasizing intake of vegetables, lean protein, and “good” fats i.e., mainly mono- and polyunsaturated fats.  We recommend a weekly 5% decrease in unhealthy carbohydrates, and provide a detailed weekly protocol for our customers that include recipes, menu ideas and shopping lists, knowing that people achieve more success with dietary and exercise changes when they have specific suggestions and ample support.
Exercise Plan:  The Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System’s exercise plan advocates gradually incorporating exercise into one’s lifestyle, particularly for those who have been sedentary. Since exercise increases insulin sensitivity, we provide a detailed exercise plan with a wide variety of interesting activities to support and encourage Insulite customers in this vitally important component of their health goals.
Scan of head. Side view.Addiction/Cravings Awareness: The Addiction/Craving Awareness aspect of the Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System informs our clients about the addictive nature of carbohydrates and sugars on specific brain structures and neurochemical systems (primarily dopamine and serotonin). We help our clients understand how these foods can produce in them profound cravings and even addiction.  We replace guilt and will power with a carefully crafted approach in which clients are urged to gradually reduce carbohydrates and especially refined sugars, while slowly increasing exercise in an effort to more effectively balance their neurochemistry and neutralize their cravings.
Group of serious medical professionals.Support Network: Insulite Laboratories provides support through unlimited access by email and telephone to our Consulting and Advisory teams as well as a comprehensive, weekly health protocol update via email. Our Consulting and Advisory team answers phone and e-mail questions about the Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System, and refer customers back to their healthcare practitioners whenever indicated. Members of Insulite Laboratories’ Medical team are available to consult with healthcare practitioners as needed.
Nutraceutical Formulas: Today, nearly three out of four physicians are recommending vitamin supplements to their patients.  This includes orthopedic specialists, cardiologists, and dermatologists. Doctors are now embracing the new research which shows that to function effectively, your cells need the correct levels of vitamins and minerals.
Insulite’s Diabetes Advanced Management nutraceutical formulas have been researched and developed utilizing a blend of over 30 pure nutrients each of which play a specific role in helping the body increase insulin sensitivity at a cellular level. As you will see at the link below, the ingredients of the supplements have been carefully selected based on published research as well as clinical experience.
Medication Interactions:  There are no studies specifically examining the effects of the Insulite protocol and nutritional plan on medications or vice versa. We present the following recommendations and observations:
  • For customers who are using anti-hyperglycemic medications like metformin, Avandia, etc., we suggest careful monitoring of blood sugar when using the Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System.  Both the Insulite supplements and the dietary and exercise guidelines effectively lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity, therefore it is possible that the customer will require a lower dosage or elimination of their anti-hyperglycemic medication.  We always refer our customers back to their prescribing health practitioners to make changes to their medication regimen. 
Please note:
For many persons with type 2 diabetes taking insulin and who follow the lifestyle recommendations made by the Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System, their need for insulin has been shown to be reduced. Customers are therefore strongly encouraged to consult with their healthcare practitioner about their decision to undertake these lifestyle changes, as well as to seek support with monitoring and advice about changing insulin dosage.
We would be happy to answer any other questions you may have with regards to our System. To contact a member of the Insulite Laboratories Consulting and Advisory team please email: myhealth@insulitelabs.com or call 570.371.6560.
Please visit the Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System web site at: www.diabetesmanagement.insulitelabs.com



"I have been using the Insulite System for about 6 months. I have noticed that my eating habits seem to have transitioned very naturally.... no starvation or denial, I don't crave junk food or sweets anymore!! I have been able to lose about 20 pounds, slowly, safely, and permanently. This is a "for life" program and everyone that has a weight problem should try it!!"
Kat Healy
  Jamestown, VA
"Although I have never met any of your staff I feel that I get more positive response from you all than my doctors for the last five years.

I'm just so grateful for your organization. You have given me so much hope and something to look forward to. I feel as if I'm dealing with professionals who care about what happens to their patient."

Daniella McKnight
"I cannot believe the difference the Insulite System has made in how I feel. My appetite has changed tremendously. I do not crave carbs and sugar and my appetite is somewhat diminished."
  Bakersfield, CA

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"I feel that the Insulite System has been helpful in pushing my daughter so much closer to normal. I've also seen less bottoming-out energy wise and more stable mood….."
  Warren, NJ
"I think your site has the most helpful information of any of the diabetes-related sites. The information is very intriguing."
Dr. MJ Lewis
  Ewa Beach, HI

Insulin Resistance Articles

"I have been using the Insulite System for about 6 months. I have noticed that my eating habits seem to have transitioned very naturally.... no starvation or denial, I don't crave junk food or sweets anymore!! I have been able to lose about 20 pounds, slowly, safely, and permanently. This is a "for life" program..."
Kat Healy
  Jamestown, VA
"I have been on the Insulite System for approx 3 months. I have lost 33 lbs, my liver functions are normal and my A1C came back at 5.1, down from 8.03 months ago. I was taking 10 Glucovance pills daily, now I take only 2 pills in the AM. My blood sugar is normal, my energy is higher than it has been in years and I feel great. Insulite along with a change in my diet has changed my life.

I tell everyone that asks me what I have done to change my life, about the Insulite program. Your product is fantastic. I have cut out all sweets, flour, dairy and have no cravings."

Marta Garcia
  Santa Ana, CA
"In less than 3 weeks I've started losing weight again after being "stuck" on Weight Watchers for about a year. I've lost about 4 lbs since starting Insulite but more significantly my blood pressure is well within normal limits now and I can tell my metabolism is better. I am not getting that slump between meals and am able to control between-meal snacking, and I have a lot of energy throughout the day rather than periods where I need to nap. I just ordered the 6 months supply. Thank you!"
Teresa Ruth
  Boise, Idaho